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Community Land
Trust Commons

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are non-profit organizations which hold land on behalf of communities in commons. They can serve as long-term stewards for regenerative land practices, affordable housing, community spaces, civic buildings, and any other assets on behalf of the community.


Around the world, there are a diversity of CLTs modeling different ways in which property can be owned, used, and governed. Each model is unique to the cultural and communal context.

Global Roots partners with non-profit organizations and individuals to foster CLTs focused on creating plant-based agricultural food hubs and increasing conservation. We support projects that transition livestock focused operations into efficient plant-based agricultural systems feeding communities

while expanding on a global commons to support biodiversity.

Current systems encourage hierarchies in which a minority benefits from absolute access to land and resources while environmental and social costs are externalized in service of the bottom line. The communal land trust model works to reverse this paradigm by instilling a shared sense of benefit and by extension, a shared commitment to stewardship. By fundamentally changing how we view, interact, and relate to land, we envision an agricultural system that fundamentally works to support human and planetary health.

By placing land in communal land trusts, we hope to model how land held in communal systems can encourage environmental regeneration and land stewardship while reversing inequality and creating a culture of abundance.

Interested in creating your own community land trust or partnering with us to create one?

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