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About Us

While conceptually it might be easy to understand the potential benefits of transitioning away from livestock based agriculture towards plant-based systems for mitigating climate change and environmental degradation, saving biodiversity, and improving global health standards, it is hard to imagine how this transition might play out in today’s world given economic and political constraints as well as current understandings of private land ownership. Before working towards large scale land use transitions necessary to save biodiversity alive today, it will be necessary to rethink fundamental relations to land and humanity's role in the larger biosphere.

To address this Global Roots promotes regenerative, equitable, and nutritious plant-based food systems around the world by modeling agricultural conservation projects, partnering with organizations around the world to implement whole systems change, and providing on the ground education programs.



  • Expand the practice of agriculture as a form of conservation, life-enhancement, and regeneration to areas around the world.

  • Provide education opportunities on how to transition consolidated, top-down food systems to community-owned land trusts and regenerative land practices.

  • Demonstrate through model programs how transitioning inefficiently used farmland from speculative markets to locally-owned land initiatives increases healthy food options, employment opportunities, and resilient communities of health.

  • Increase peer-to-peer networking and coalition building through the Whole-Communities platform. 

  • Provide technical support to promote regenerative, equitable, and nutritious plant-based food systems.


Board of Directors


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